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A young lady Moo Jin(Jong hyeon Hong) joins an agency that makes secret admirer's dreams come true.They never fail to lure their clients's crushes into their arms.Min Shik(Seong Woo Bae) the leader and brains of Cyrano Agency that was once a theatre,Ah Rang(Yoon Woo Jo) a live high school student and Min gyo Kim(Yong dal) the silent teen behind.

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Jinsight Reviews: Dating Agency Cyrano: Episodes 1-2. Dating Agency Cyrano: Episodes 1-2 Impressions Watching Cyrano felt a bit like walking downhill. The first impression was so full of promise and charm, but as you make your way down it slowly loses steam until you're flat on the ground again.

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Cyrano Agency - Wikipedia 'Cyrano Dating Agency') is a 2010 South Korean romantic comedy starring Uhm Tae-woong, Park Shin-hye, Choi Daniel, Park Chul-min and Lee Min-jung. It is a modern take on Edmond Rostand 's 1897 play Cyrano de Bergerac , which focuses on a dating agency that helps its customers win the hearts of the people they desire.

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[Movie Review] The Cyrano Agency | Soompi [Movie Review] The Cyrano Agency. Dating Agency: Cyrano” will be the must-watch romantic comedy of the season when it begins its run later this month. For more drama commentary and reviews,.

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Dating agency cyrano ratings | New York City Recruitment. Rang-Dating-Agency-Cyrano nama_asli_ah_rang_dating_agency_cyrano, so we collect all somehow winds up romantic comedy inspired by the four principles. Cal customer ratings and fluorite his ex, she was the most popular and join our list barron s.

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dating agency reviews dating agency for disabled. Cyrano agency hangul ; ; rr sirano; yeonaejojakdan; lit.Cyrano dating agency is a 2010 south korean starring uhm tae-woong, park shin-hye, choi daniel, park chul-min and lee min-jung.It is a modern take on edmond rostand's 1897 play cyrano de bergerac, which focuses on a dating agency that helps its customers win the hearts of the people they.

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Ratings Dating Agency Cyrano Chef, Completely Biased. Jo Yoon Woo plays agency member Ah-Rang, a high school student who ratings dating agency cyrano chef of becoming an actor. Cyrano - MyDramaList Hong Jong-hyun as Moo-jin Recruited into the dating agency because of his genius engineering skills, he is the brains behind all hi-tech gadgets used by the agency in the field.

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Summertime Funnertime: Dating Agency: Cyrano Review Dating Agency: Cyrano just finished its run in July of this year. Looking for something light and fluffy to watch in what feels like billion-degree weather, I started watching it pretty soon after it ended.

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Review: Dating Agency Cyrano | The Fangirl Verdict Completely biased reviews and fangirling. Review: Dating Agency Cyrano. January 23, 2015 by kfangurl 14 Comments. THE SHORT VERDICT: Breezy, light, and just a little bit quirky, Dating Agency Cyrano is a fun little show for when you’re in the mood for a bit of mindless fluff.

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Dating Agency : Cyrano (2013) - MyDramaList Sherlock Holmes meets Cyrano de Bergerac in this candied romantic comedy. With short episodes and series duration, Dating Agency: Cyrano doubles as a perfect marathon drama.

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